Building a better world through business

Mettā (Pali: मेत्ता in Devanagari) or maitrī (Sanskrit: मैत्री) is a benevolence toward all beings, without discrimination, that is free of selfish attachment. It is a strong, sincere wish for the happiness of all beings. It also means a close mental union or a shared wavelength.

We are all connected to business in some way or other – as entrepreneurs, customers, citizens, human beings on a shared planet.

So there is a role for all of us to play in cheerleading the business world to act as if everyone mattered.

We’re looking to find and connect all those who believe this is possible – do you?

Who makes up Metta?

Ambassadors are individuals around the world who believe that it is absolutely possible for business and the global economy to be one of the key creators of social value across the world.

Fellows are exceptional individuals who have been nominated by the rest of the network as role models for what it means to be building a better world through business.

Join the Network

“This is by far one of the greatest networks of entrepreneurs on the planet and no better community with support and peer mentorship exists,”

Sanjay Kumar Founder,  Sustainble Microfarms | USA


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Growth Support

“This value exchange is vital, it is actually pivotal for anybody building a company of scale

Stuart Minnar Founder, Yappo  | South Africa


Events & Programmes

“One of the most transformational experiences of my adult life.. Phenomenal experience.”

Robert Carroll CEO Mov8 | UK



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