Led by entrepreneurs, powered by big business and facilitated by government.

Led by entrepreneurs

Powered by big business


In the last 18 months we have leveraged over a million dollars of pro-bono support into 25 businesses to help them scale.

This support is being powered by organisations across the globe who are intent on learning from and being a part of the new paradigm of business.

“I cannot think of another opportunity in EY where you can learn so much in such a short period of time, all the while testing your mental agility and business acumen in a safe and creative environment…the skills and knowledge that I developed on this placement will stay with me for the rest of my career”

Kelum Kumarasinghe |EY Vantage Advisor

Worked with Ascendia Design S.R.L in Burcharest who are a POY entrepreneur

Facilitated by government


Working with an A-Team of pioneering partner organisations in the Scottish ecosystem to role model what building a better world through business looks like

Since early 2013 POY has been immersed in the enterprise ecosystem in Scotland.

The primary focus of this work has been to role model a new way for entrepreneurs and organisations to work with each other and showcase business as force for good, influencing the focus of the entire ecosystem. 

This work is being led by entrepreneurs, supported by big business and facilitated by government.

“Our vision is of Scotland as a world-leading entrepreneurial nation – a place where growth and innovation deliver benefits to all of society. Scotland CAN DO is our way of making this happen. Power of Youth exemplifies this approach and the group’s enthusiasm towards values-based business makes it a first-class ambassador for Scotland CAN DO.”

Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth

John Swinney 


“POY was the only organisation focusing on values in business and paying it forward when I started collaborating with them in 2012.  Now, I’m delighted to see the Scottish business development ecosystem are beginning to follow their lead and place continuing emphasis on business as a force for good, ourselves included.”

CEO of Edge

Evelyn McDonald

Redefining Success

Every time I attend a POY event I walk away knowing exactly what I need to do next for the next step change in my business. All of the significant developments we have made in the last year came from the clarity and support I gained at the events. The space, the content and the quality of the people is unique, everybody building a business for good, should do this.

Neil McInnes Umega Lettings

Responding to what is needed

In other parts of the world, governments can be one of the biggest obstacles to progress. From what I have seen here the government are willing to be led by organisations like POY who are working at the coalface, trying and building things that are relevant, dynamic and highly impactful…. In a world that is changing so rapidly this is the only way we can respond to what is needed in time to make a difference.

Chi Opera Integra Health Nigeria

The ripple effect

India needs POY, the concept is great and their impact in Scotland is testament to this.

Now we have the opportunity to take this and role model the new age of business in a country that is willing to change and has the opportunity to lead the world in a new paradigm of the global economy.

Parul Soni. TTC Consulting India



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