Power of Youth – POY – was founded in 2011 in recognition that the world needs action orientated role models for the next generation and that business provides an exceptional platform to help humanity reach its potential.

The name Power of Youth comes from the border-less, wonder-filled way young minds see the world.

Our Mission | Our mission is to live in a world where every entrepreneur is driven by a purpose greater than profit, every business a force for good and everyone has the opportunity to contribute towards the uplifting of society, so that together we can build a better world through business

We believe that the world will become a better place if businesses:

Show real care for the people they employ

Work in harmony with local communities

Supply uplifting and innovative products and services to the market and

Take active measures to minimise harm done to the environment.

Pioneers who run businesses like this are dotted all over the world – as well global ambassadors who support the mission.

After over 5 years of hosting events, curating a community and providing opportunities, we wanted to build a system to connect everyone.

And so, the Metta Network was created.

With footprints now in Europe, Asia and Africa, this movement is harnessing the extraordinary power of the business world to operate with a purpose beyond profit.



Present day – 2011


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